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creating a culture that celebrates the art of breaking away from the noise, where the mission is to cultivate a practice of listening to your inner voice. 




RECIEVED: 3.17.72

*PDF attached with download

Your guiding light.
Leading you to your best self and purpose.

To learn your frequency and what gifts you'll use to impact the world in a powerful way.

You exploring the wonders of yourself, your universe and reminding yourself of the beauty and power of you.

If everything around seems dark, look again, you may be the light.

- Rumi

Sight - Gradient_edited.png

I found that the noise of the world was silencing my potential, my value, and my worth. By comparing my achievements to others, using social media to tell me what’s “cool” and “captivating”, and by listening to others and their opinions of what I should be doing; I got swallowed by that noise. I would ignore my guiding voice.


While on the Warrior's journey I found what I was seeking. I needed to reconcile with myself. To forgive myself for not pushing through that noise and exploring my gifts in their fullness, regardless of how it made others feel.


From this, birthed BLACKOUT, but also the sight to see this need within others. Now I feel obligated, and entrusted, to inspire you to explore your potential and understand that you present immense value to this world.


​You are your highest frequency. So be loud.

Let’s be loud, let’s be seen, let’s be heard together and…





/ˈblakˌout/ noun


1.  A temporary loss of a radio signal

WHY blackout?

Blackout has many meanings; it can end a scene or close a play. It could mean city wide electrical failure or plotting out of censorship or a transient dulling or loss of vision, consciousness, or memory. concerning this Blackout, the definition that resonated was: 

  1. A temporary loss of a radio signal 


This radio signal being the noise of the outside world. 

Life isn't about discovery,
it's about creation


We speak life in all forms here



I am goodness and mercy and compassion and understanding. 

I am peace and joy and light. 

I am forgiveness and patience

I am strength and courage

I am a helper in time of need

I am a comforter in time of sorrow

I am a healer in time of injury

I am a teacher in times of confusion. 

I am the deepest wisdom and the highest truth

I am the greatest peace and the grandest love. 

I am these things. 

I choose, now, to know myself as these things, always.


I can and I will

I am an atmosphere changer


I am connecting to my highest self

in every moment


My gifts will make room for me


God did not give us the gift of content.

- A-natural

God gave you specific gifts and words have power, so call your gifts by their names.

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