September 23, 2018

This album is beyond a labor of love as it became therapy to the reconstruction of me as an artist.
Usually, I have my brother A-natural with me along the way through the creation process but this time that wasn’t the case. This being, because I wanted to respect his choice of truly becoming an artist and giving his full attention to that. Besides that’s what brothers do. We support, wholeheartedly without malice.
So, because of that, I was alone, for the first time in a long time during the creation process.
It was scary, only because I had to rely on me and me only.
Now let me take you back. In the beginning of me exploring songwriting and venturing into this world, I had this insecurity of arranging my music to sound like what I wanted. I compared myself to so many during that time that it mutated into doubt in myself. Eventually, I was able to have the grounds to grow and develop my ear and sound through a company by the name of S.I.K.O.L. Entertainment.
Then I reunited with a friend, A-natural, after a few years. When showing me his music, I doubted my own. I heard what he was able to do and I wanted to know how he could create melodies and harmonies like this. Once we began working together I began, again, doubting and comparing myself. Resulting in me unconsciously allowing him to take the reigns over that part of me. The effect, what made me, me, was dwindling. But, I didn’t see that, until the creation of this project.
This was not and is not a bad thing. I believe God took this moment doubt in my life and revamped it into me learning without knowing. So stepping back into the drivers seat, I had to rebuild confidence in what God had given me. Once I was able to do that, then I was able to add all of what I had learn from over the years and create what you have now, COSMIC.
Today I feel like an artist, ready to truly share with the world because this is me. Not to say nothing done before wasn’t, because it definitely was, but this project, is ME. This is why COSMIC is so important to me, because it is me, confident, strong, sexy, me. I’m so grateful to be back in this place!
I welcome into my world, my COSMIC world. Take a seat and experience what music does for me.





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