April 8, 2018

Whats up Wonders!


Let me tell you guys something, don't fear making demands on the universe. You have that ability, so be bold about it.


This week, I made a demand and stood on that demand, worked towards it, yet had faith it would happen, and believed in nothing else. The day I gave as a deadline was met and everything I requested was met beautifully. Better than I could have asked. 


There's power we have when we direct our energy with purpose and line everyrhing else up with it. The heavens pour down blessings. Your faith and movement toward the goal have to be steadfast. Believe...no...know, nothing else, regardless of what anyone has to say. Stand on what you know, and what you know will manifest for you. Don't detour from that. 


The universe is waiting to release its power in our lives but we don't ask nor believe.


That power has been given to us, USE IT. 

Then watch things change in your life. I'm making my demands and can't wait to see them manifest!


I truly hope this blesses someone!



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