February 5, 2018

What's up Wonders,


I know, I know, I've been slacking writing my blog. I missed two days...and what's so funny is I didn't notice until a few days afterwards and told myself, you can not forget again for the following Sunday. And then, I did it again, lol! So again, I'm sorry guys.


Let's jump right into it. 


This week I learned a lot about myself, with how the mind is super powerful. Things I know already, but life has a way of passively reminding you. 

This past Saturday I did a Prince tribute which was, I must say, pretty amazing and a lot of fun!  (My first ever) But I got so distracted with so much stuff that I didn't put the time I needed into memorizing the lyrics to 6 songs. I know you guys are like, but it's Prince, you love Prince, you should know these songs already. Yeah, which I did, for the most part. I absorb Prince's music. A lot of times I'm taking in all the elements, the words, the music, the FEELING, so I experience his music. So learning the words was a bit of a challenge. And then there are those songs, you THINK you know the words too and when corrected you're like OH. LOL!

I said all that to say, I panicked. But after breathing and focusing and telling my mind, you can do this, I started rehearsing Wednesday before our band rehearsal on Thursday for a Saturday show. LOL! I know, insane. But by Saturday, had all the lyrics and had soooo much fun performing with Crown Jules!!  (footage coming soon)

So I say, don't be afraid of challenging yourself, it's so rewarding in the end! (I can't wait to perform Purple Rain again)


*subject change* 


So, I can't remember what day I started being vegan, and what's sad is, it was probably on the calendar I threw out (recycled) when the new year came in. What I do know, is that its the early part of February, so with that being said....HAPPY VEGAN ANNIVERSARY to me, It's officially ONE YEAR!! I'm proud of myself and feel super accomplished. With better education on food and learning new ways to cook, it's been a very fun ride, that I'm still very excited about! 

My ultimate goal is to be a raw vegan but I'm making baby steps. So this year I want to learn more raw vegan recipes. 


I'm excited about living and thriving with a healthy life.   


So I urge you Wonders, make yourself eat vegan at least twice a week. That's no meat or dairy. Read your labels and explore the world. 

That was one thing I learned, how much mess in our food after always reading labels. It makes you not want to eat anything lol. It forces you to be vegan lol!


But anyway, I hope you guys are enjoying life and sharing the music lol


Love you guys.



Working really hard to give you guys an exquisite album!! 

Trust LOVER is the appetizer *wink*

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