January 15, 2018



How are you?!!

I'm doing good!! Besides putting a lot of pressure on myself lately.. smh


Nah, in all seriousness, I have my first show of the New Year and I'm nervous as F&%$!!

I haven't performed at DROM in NYC, in a few years, and New York is always such a tough crowd. And I'm here like, yikes. I do this all the time though, think I have to put on a MTV Music Awards performance for some reason instead of just being me and doing me. So I always think, is there enough theatrics, is my voice gonna be enough? All this nonsense. 

(I'm literally talking to myself while talking to you guys)


This show was a blessing, came out of no where, so I know it's God preparing me. Actually God is showing me that He's already started the car and is waiting for me to finish packing because I did slack on a few things. Overthinking, and unmotivated myself with finishing a few things. But I'm on it now!!


I just gotta get these new song jitters out. I mean, I've performed LOVER 4 times already as test performances to work the kinks out, so I think I'm fully ready. JUST DAMN NERVOUS! lol


I know I'm ridiculous. lol


Anyway... the show is Wednesday for any of my NYC Wonders out there. lol



Love you guys!!