December 10, 2017

As I go through this process of getting this music out, I realize, it's not my best - BEST yet.

It was good starting out when embarking onto this next journey, but now I see I have to push myself even harder than I was before. 

First, let me say the music I have recorded is good, it's just not GREAT yet. The thing is, that's okay. It's the beauty of growth.


I always self analyze myself. Always checking my thoughts, my words, my actions, my creativity, my performances...EVERYTHING. Because I want to be better, better than I was 5 minutes ago and than better than that. So, listening to this music after not listening to it for awhile made me realize it's not GREAT yet. There are moments but I know I can push that even harder. 


Don't worry you guys, lol, I'm turning into a mad scientist, but I am making sure that you guys are getting my BEST work for this chapter, because you deserve it. I'm gonna bring in some people to help pull some new things out of me. I'm excited and scared all at the same time.

But fear is good, means I'm stepping out of my comfort zone and challenging myself. I know this is how you grow. This is the ONLY way you grow. That excites me, because again, like I said earlier, I want to be better. 


So back to the drawing board I go, excited about what's gonna come out this time. Rubbing my hands with a slight evil snicker LOL!! 

When it's all together, I hope you guys will not be able to put this music down. 

It needs to live forever!!



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