December 3, 2017

What's up Wonders,


Hope the weekend was beautiful for everyone. Mine is great! Thanks for asking ;)


So, lets jump right into it.


Everyone will make mistakes.

Everyone will go back on their word, at some point.

Everyone will break a promise.

Everyone will do something that is out of what you expect them to do. 

Don't hold that against them. For whatever reason they found it hard, at that moment, to maintain that image you had of them. Or just simply, keep their word.

And guess what, that's okay. People are not perfect.

I think we hold such high expectations for each other that it's almost impossible to keep that up. I'm not at all saying that it's okay to just let people down, but from the receivers perspective, know that there's always a possibility of it. 


I recently got upset at someone who told me some things that they were going to do and not going to do, but went ahead and did what they wanted anyway. I put stock in what they said because for the first time I felt like they were being genuine. Plus, they told me how they valued me, which I had never heard from them before. Then for whatever reason their actions showed something completely different. 

After clearing my energy of negativity, I realized a few things. 

One, why did I need their validation to begin with?

Two, why would I put stock into what they said when the past tells a whole other story of what comes from their mouth.

And three, why expect?

Once I asked myself those questions, I came to the conclusion that people will be who they are. And that's okay. If it brings confusion in your life, then walk away. And that's okay too. 


This final action closed the book on that relationship. I'm choosing to not deal with that energy. 

Because as much as I would want to excuse them of their actions, it boils down to lies and manipulation. That's when things aren't, "okay."


Which segways into my next point.


If that person is always going back on what they say and do, that's no longer a mistake or momentary let down, that shit is character based and you have the right to choose what to deal with. 


I walked away. Because, there's no more talking to be had. 


Be beautiful people.







Song: Jessie J - Queen
Book/Comic: Abandon - Blake Crouch
Video Game: Marvel Heroes Omega/Arkham Knight (Batman)

Netflix: The Punisher
TV Show: The Gifted
Vegan Meal: Varius Vegan Soups (especially home made, working on something share)
Drink: Water, lol

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