November 5, 2017

What’s up Wonders,


This week has been amazing, with revelations and new goals, my mind is so steadfast on my future and my grind. 


When I was younger, my goal was set on major success, huge stages and changing lives through my music. As I got older and the market got over-saturated, my goals changed to: “If I don’t get major success that’s fine as long as I can live off what I love to do.” This week I realized I was selling myself short. Why not reach for the big goal because if that never happens the bi-product of that was what my mindset had changed too before. So, I made up in mind, I’m a fight for that major success.


All I want to do is sing and entertain. Like that’s ALL! Music is so magical to me and I truly feel like it’s one of my super powers. To get you to the point of forgetting everything that worried you, stressed you and bring you to a point of happiness, all through music. I swear I LOVE IT and want to do it FOREVER!!


So, let me tell you all a story.


This weekend I was in NC performing (solo) and everything was amazing! I mean, AMAZING!!
We went out, afterwards, to a club and as we approached the entrance I realized I forgot my ID in the car, my manager did as well. Luckily, who we were with, they were like, we’ll be good. So as my manager was getting scanned by the bouncer he’s explaining who I am to him, saying, it’s Lenny Harold from Blackstreet. In my mind, I’m always like, no one knows me yet, so why bother, which I have to stop. But then, the bouncer leans over and says, “nah that’s not Lenny Harold, that’s CHANJ! I know him from the Apollo singing Floetry and working with Jamie Foxx.” My mouth dropped in shock that someone knew me from my old stage name, first, and then, knew me from that performance from like 2008. 


When I tell you the hope in my chest that came over me, I knew God was lining me up right where I need to be. The Universe gave me such a clear sign last night of that and I’m so inspired!!


I’m so ready to sing for you, you have no idea. Can’t wait to travel all over the world and share my heart with you.


All I will say is, as I get ready, you get ready too!! Hehe
These shows will change your life!!

Love you so much! 


Go to my main page, there’s an announcement there.😉








Song: Miguel – Told You So
Album: Sam Smith – The Thrill Of It All
Video Game: Injustice 2, Recore
Netflix: Stranger Things, The Mist
TV Show: The Gifted, Scandal, American Horror Story: Cult
Vegan Meal: Vegan Mac’n Cheeze  
Drink: Riesling 

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