October 15, 2017

What's up Wonders,


This week, I made a very big decision for myself. Something that took a lot of praying and waiting for the right timing to do so. Needless to say, it wasn't easy. 

After I made this decision solid, the weight that came off my shoulders and the new drive that washed over me was so grand. I'm still feeling it in this moment, even now. 


In life, there's risk taking and challenges, all to build your beautiful character. Be brave to take the risk and confront the challenges, it all aids to the evolution of self. It's amazing. 


All this took, was me getting out of something I felt like I had given all I could and saying to myself that I owe me the opportunity. Not being afraid and challenging my faith. Things are already beginning to change for me.


I share this to inspire you. 

Take the risk for your happiness. Jump. Spread your wings. And fly.

Everything you've wanted in life starts with a jump. 

Be brave to take it.


Love and light 

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