October 8, 2017

Greetings Wonders,


There's such a struggle, fear and nervousness when making sure, in the taking, of the next move. 

So many things can get in the way. Mainly things that sound good that distract you from your main goal.

People have a way that they deliver ideas/new paths/new opportunities to you that can get you excited. Which then, can get you hype and distract you from your main goal.

In the case of knowing the history of the information given, will most likely never manifest, yet the delivery is always attractive, can be the most distracting. That delivery can take you to that glaze of wonder, where you question everything all over again.


But where is your faith?

Where is your faith in God being your answer/provider? 

Where is your faith in YOU? 

Where is the faith in your Dreams?


Some say, don't make your next step until you have that next thing in place.

That works sometimes and maybe even most of the time. BUT...

But, so much can happen if you don't take that jump into the next move when you FEEL IT.  You have the chance of getting complacent. You have the chance of getting stuck. You have the chance of holding on forever to the current situation that you never make room for yourself. 

YOU have to be happy. YOU have to take risks in life.

Even if you fall on your face, at least you took the leap to say I fell on my face. 


Me personally I wanna work for it, I want to grow. It's not about fame. Fame comes easy, but where is your purpose in it all? Fame is, and can be a byproduct of you fulfilling your purpose. 

Strive for the purpose. Be fulfilled in life. That's way better than fame. 

Money isn't a reason to stay somewhere if you're unhappy, either. 


That move can be scary. Many may not understand. You may not have any answers of what's to come, but things that are difficult are the most rewarding. Just keep pushing and believing in the feeling you had which made you take that move.

You're evolving and that's always the point.

Anything that is not growing, is dead.


There's lessons in every action made, to build who you are.


(Mark 10: 46 - till the end)




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