September 3, 2017

Good Evening Wonders,


I wanted to share something that's been on my heart for awhile now. 

I've been observing so much lately and it's been allowing me to be even more grateful in the mindset I have in my current journey. 

"Emphasizing my beauty"


Let me explain...


I used to be apart of a crew that focused so much on "cool" that "organic" was rarely seen. Me, being the strange lil bird, I wasn't and never have been what most would label "cool". I've always, just been, me. Whatever that is, I am. 

So, it was a struggle to even fit in and be understood by this group of people. I worked hard to build some form of connection, still unsure to this day if those connections are even worth me saying, we're friends. Sad right? 

But there were some apart of this group that focused on beauty. That's where I felt freer. There was no pretense and no need to build a character I wasn't or couldn't make believable, because lets face it, I didn't believe it myself.


Which leads me to my point.


I carried that for awhile. Thinking, what would be "cool", in my art, in my music, in my dress. It's something so hard to maintain when it's not organic.

So add that to another insecurity, of thinking I wasn't "cool" enough.

So when things didn't have enough edge I would figure out a way to give it just a bit more to satisfy this "to-be-cool" craving.


I watch this new generation of music and I think the same thing. Are they trying their hardest to meet this "cool" standard instead of being themselves? And embracing whatever that may be. 

From music to videos to pictures, so many have put an emphasis on "art" that all "art" looks the same because now it falls in a category of "cool". So, if the pictures aren't taken a certain way, or the videos aren't shot a certain way, it's not "cool". Instead of focusing on the beauty.


Beauty is the only thing that stays the same. It doesn't follow trends because it NEVER goes out of "style". Beauty will always be "art" and it'll always be organic because you can't argue what you find beautiful to your own eye. Beauty is what we should strive toward as artist. 

It would add just a bit more light to this world.


I'm grateful that I'm out of that mindset, for the most part, of trying to be "cool" and just simply focusing on what's beautiful. The shedding of that mindset has brought me back to me. 


Wonders, I stress that to you, be YOU and put an emphasis on your BEAUTY! 







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