August 20, 2017

What’s up Wonders,


I know you guys have been wondering what’s good with the new music.

So, today I’m providing a lil’ insight for you guys.


I’m finally down to the last few songs I must record to conclude the recording process for this project. Then, we must pick which songs will be featured. That’s the hard part.

What I will say, is you’ll be getting more than 7 songs this go-round! WHOOP WHOOP! Trust me, we are very excited about this! You’ve asked, I’ve provided.

Also, “Decisions” and “Shadows of You” may or may not make this project. Those songs were not singles from #WarriorProject but I thank you guys for loving them as you have and asking what’s good with them, lol!


All I can say is pay close attention, hints and sneak peeks are coming soon. Don’t be surprise if my IG stories start randomly playing songs from Warrior. (insert evil laugh) lol


And I’ll give one more hint, Warrior will be released this year… yop!!


I’m super grateful and excited about this new level in my artistry. I have grown and gained confidence like I haven’t before. The journey has been hard but I kept my eyes on the guiding light. It led me through.

This project is my fighting chance, took me a minute to get here, but trust, you will hear me.


Blessings to you all!!


#WarriorProjectLH #ComingSoon