August 13, 2017

What’s up Wonders,


We're jumping right in.


Insecurities are a waste of life.

Don’t allow insecurities to take root in your life.


God has been healing me from my own insecurities and I’m so glad. Confidence in areas that I never had or revitalizing what was lost.

I don’t want to give so much, because a lot of this will be added to the Warrior Documentary, but this phase of rebuilding myself brick by brick has been everything!


God has been reaffirming things He said He would do in my life, but letting me know it starts with me. So, to move forward I must face my hang-ups and then jump off the cliff and fly and trust that the wings He’s given me will allow me to soar.


I won’t say this has been easy, because it’s been tough, but I’m ready.

I ready to dare myself.

I’m ready to challenge myself.

I ready to prove to myself that everything I desire in life will manifest itself even better than I’ve planned.


And regardless of the insecurities I have or that I have allowed to be planted in me by others, I will push through and soar. Because at the end of the day, I want my life to mean something. I want what I do to inspire. And I can’t get there until I erase the insecurities and soar!


So, Wonders I encourage you today to soar. Whatever is holding you back, delete it and soar!! SOAR!!!