July 30, 2017

This week has been eye opening for me. 

I recently started a music series that had some hiccups during launch day. It kind of had me, slightly, defeated. Only because, I didn't want word to get out concerning these hiccups and people wouldn't trust the vision that's trying to be put worth. 

Unfortunately, the talk began anyway.

I found myself ready to diffuse the talk but I said no. I was assured after some discussion with friends that reminded me to let the growth talk for its self. 

So, I left it alone.

It's definitely forcing me to work even harder. 


People forget that even after careful planning, unforeseen things can still take place but it doesn't take away from the vision unless you allow it. 

You have to start from somewhere. No one, absolutely, no one, starts at the top. 


So, I'm holding tighter to the vision I have and going to make sure I water it, and give it lots of sunlight, because this will be a favorite Indie music series in NJ!


Small beginnings always have big endings, ONLY, if you keep going.