July 24, 2017

What's up Wonders,


I hope you're well and had an incredible day!


I'm sure your wondering about this title, or know exactly where I'm going with this. lol 



Don't be afraid to break away from things/people that are not lining up with what you want for yourself.

Life is too short to build someone else's dream while yours sits on a self and collects dust.

I won't go into detail, but things are highlighting themselves in my life and I see I've been only helping someone else build while I have sat still.

The crazy thing is, this person wishes to keep me here and never allow me to progress so I can continue to make them look good. Or "help" them out.

That energy, I'm just not with. 

I'm sure some are reading this saying, "well have you talked to this person?"

Answer is....YES. 

But unfortunately, the interest in my concern only stays for a while and then blows away.

That action alone tells me that the "care" is only for themselves. 


So now after being loyal for so long, and I mean, sooooooo long. I have to make a decision for me. 

I wish to have no regrets in life, so I need to take that chance on ME.


I matter..... too.


Build your dreams Wonders!

Build them!! Your dreams matter!





Song: Lana Del