July 10, 2017

What's up Wonders,


I know right now, some of you are like, " I thought he was gonna do better"...snapping and rolling your necks. Lol! I know, cause once again, I'm late with todays post.

No excuse really besides being tired and full when I finally ate today. Lol


But lets jump right in.


God is working on me.

I'm understanding the power of words and intentions.

I'm being shown that sometimes that negative comment, even in fun, can slow down your blessing, if it's intent had malice. 


God is humbling my heart concerning certain situations and revealing the power of the intention behind the words I speak. Those words can either spark death or spark growth. Power is truly in the tongue. 


So if something displeases me, I'm stopping to think of it from all angles. Placing myself in that persons shoes. Then with that info, presenting my feelings to it. Then, if there's still some questions or feelings, understanding that venting and/or seeking advice are way different then talking about someone. It's a fine, thick line. Yes, I meant to say that. Lol


Because in that moment of seeking advice sometimes our intent changes and we start to tear down that person/thing instead of still building them up. That then steals the humility from the situation, begins to turn your feelings to anger and as an effect darkening the heart. And God/Universe watches our hearts/intentions. That very thing can cause a delay in your blessing. 


So I encourage you all to watch your intentions in all matters. I know you are all looking for more, you don't won't to stand in the way of your blessing.


Love and Light