June 27, 2017

What’s up Wonders,


I know, I know I'm late with this post.

I blame the BET Awards. It had me all types of distracted. lol


I won't go all into that but just know my favorite performances were, Bruno (his energy was crazy), Big Sean (creativity of his set), SZA (cause I really love her vibe) and Solange receiving an award. 

I will say this, the awards last night lacked a moment. That breath taking moment.

*Oh Luke James needs an another album already!


But what's up ya'll, how is everyone?

At the moment I'm trying to be understanding of some things. Communication is key when running a business. That's all I'll say right now. lol


*subject change*


I've been reading this book THE 5 LOVE LANGUAGES  by Gary Chapman. It's a really interesting book that explains that everyone spe