June 27, 2017

What’s up Wonders,


I know, I know I'm late with this post.

I blame the BET Awards. It had me all types of distracted. lol


I won't go all into that but just know my favorite performances were, Bruno (his energy was crazy), Big Sean (creativity of his set), SZA (cause I really love her vibe) and Solange receiving an award. 

I will say this, the awards last night lacked a moment. That breath taking moment.

*Oh Luke James needs an another album already!


But what's up ya'll, how is everyone?

At the moment I'm trying to be understanding of some things. Communication is key when running a business. That's all I'll say right now. lol


*subject change*


I've been reading this book THE 5 LOVE LANGUAGES  by Gary Chapman. It's a really interesting book that explains that everyone speaks their own love language, whether it's acts of service, affirmations, touching etc. It details that we all have our thing that makes us or allows us to feel loved. Its really made me understand what makes me truly feel loved. The most exciting thing is I'll be able to tell it in others. I think I can already, but this will be fun to know for sure. I've also noticed, that I give out a lot of love but don't get it back, the way I need to, to fill my love tank (phrase from the book). Now understanding and accepting this is the hard part. Because choices have to be made, to either deal with not receiving that love or requesting that love. But then, the person also has a choice to give that love as well. Yeah... deep. lol


*this a random post because my mind is all over the place lol* 


I'm excited to present new music. Right now I feel so in pocket with myself and this new found creativity. I'm anxious to see what you Wonders think. 

This project will be a bit gritty and a bit intimate on all aspects of the word. lol

These months ahead are going to be really tough. 

I'm trying to meet my deadline so I don't have to push this back on you guys, so pray that we can get this out on time. 

Gonna start putting some behind the scenes stuff together next month. I'm really excited about that as well.  

This release date is a date that's close...so I need your prayers!! 


Planning some cool interactive things, as well as MERCH and a TOUR!!!!!!

I really want to go over seas BADLY!!!


Okay let me end this cause I feel this post is all over the place LOL!!


You guys have a good night lol

Love and Light!!








Song: Cardi B - Bodak Yellow

Album: A-natural – The Chronicles of an Over-Ambitious-Fat-Boy

Book/Comic: The 5 Love Languages - Gary Chapman

Video Game: Injustice 2

Netflix: What The Health (MUST WATCH)

TV Show: 

Vegan Meal: Garlic Spinach w/ Sun Dried Tomatoes 

Drink: Pineapple Juice

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