June 19, 2017

What’s up Wonders,


I know I haven’t written to you in two Sundays and my time has been off and I apologize, deeply. Just been getting myself back into the swing of things.

One thing I will say is that, this new music I’m creating is amazing!! I’m so proud of it!

Shout out to Mando Beats and Dusty for providing such incredible music! I so look forward to sharing this.


I want to go in more about this but, I’m gonna wait. Lol


Anyway, I’m in a better state of mind after my Uncle’s funeral. I’m actually, really inspired to push even harder. You see, he was a singer and just about everyone, in my home town, knew who he was. He left such an energy on the stage and an impression on the hearts of those listening. I see where I get it from.  Lol! But I know I need to push even harder because most of my hometown still haven’t heard my music. So, I have A LOT of work to do!

I wanna do this for him as well.


But side note you guys, please make sure you watch WHAT THE HEALTH on Netflix. It’s a lot information about taking care of your body, mind and your HEALTH.  


I also leave this here, because I FLIPPED!!! 

Aside from Batman, I'm a huge BLACK PANTHER FAN!! So, I'm geeked!!







Song: SZA – The Weekend

Album: A-natural – The Chronicles of an Over-Ambitious-Fat-Boy

Book/Comic: A King’s Ransom (Advance Readers Copy) – Toi Powell

Video Game: Injustice 2

Netflix: What The Health (MUST WATCH)

TV Show: American Gods

Vegan Meal: Beyond Meat Burgers  

Drink: Sangria


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