June 4, 2017

So, today’s post may be a little heavy.

My Uncle passed away this pass Friday.


When I was told, I couldn’t truly grasp the fact of what was being said. That Saturday morning I called my Mom, and me saying that he passed made me realize what I was saying and at that moment it hit me hard.

My Uncle had been through so much and as annoying at times as he could be, I loved him to death. He was getting his life together for the better and doing good. The whole family was proud of him. So, to find this out it just didn’t make sense.

He was Batman!

This is where I get my love for Batman from, because he would rave about how he was the greatest super hero ever. Because no one could out smart him and that the mind is more threatening than the fist.

He used to tell us as kids that he fought crime and his Batcave was under my grandparent’s house. And at a certain time at night, the open lot next door would open up and he’d drive the Batmobile out of it and go fight crime! Lol! I knew it was crazy but being that young, I just knew he was sharing his biggest secret of crime fighting. So, in some regard I always saw him as a super hero. So, this was hard, because Batman is resilient.


But my Uncle was a super hero, he just fought crime differently.

He shared his smile, his heart and his good energy with us and everyone he came in contact with. He had a charm that would pull you in.

Everyone knew him, respected him and everyone loved him.

We always stayed entertained by his random jokes and massive appetite. The man could EAT!



So, right now I can’t help but think that he’s in Heaven reunited with his parents, my grandparents, as my dog Biscuit runs around them or at least is sitting at my grandfather’s feet.


So, I say this to you, make sure the footprints you leave are something of joy, inspiration, hope, excitement and strength. Make sure you leave something positive for folks to always grab hold of and pull from. Just be LOVE. Yearn to be LOVE in its purest form and share that with others.





Song: Kem – I Can’t Stop Loving You


Book/Comic: The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

Video Game: City Skyline


TV Show: American Gods

Vegan Meal: Guacamole  



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