May 28, 2017

Forgiveness is something that’s not easy.

Many say they have forgave but still harbor resentment for things not said or for taking the high road and being mad about it.

Forgiveness is a tough subject.


Right now, I’m having trouble with forgiveness, on so many levels. But I am trying to take the high road and at this point don’t see the point in a discussion.

Although wisdom tells me to have a dialogue and clear the air. At which point, forgiveness will be easier. I’m just tired of talking.


Have you been there?

At the point where you’re still not being heard, or you’ve been heard and there’s still no action from the other to rectify the situation. Where “done”, is being spelled in all capital letters.


But I’m harboring resentment and I need to clear this. Just battling the choice of which road to choose, because again, I don’t see the point. No action will be made anyway. It’s been proven over and over again.


Which leads me to my next conclusion: I refuse to get the point of insanity with expecting the result to change regardless of the many actions I have taken to fix it.


So, with much work, I will let it go and believe people when they show you themselves.

So, I’m challenging myself to practice silence.

Not being phoney, just being silent. There is a difference.