May 22, 2017

So, this week has been hilarious.

Between re-connection and creative outburst, it’s been fulfilling on all levels.


I reconnected with my first R&B producer, Track-a-Minute. He was the one who allowed me to be completely creative at a young age. Exploring all sides of me without judgement, in pure freedom of the music and understood me.

I was 14/15.

We caught up, vibed and reminisced. It was a good time.

(You may have seen on my IG stories)

The thing that was amazing was us going back and listening to old material. The growth, how we were ahead of our time but, most importantly, the connection in our music relationship was incredible. Like no other. (like MJ and Quincey)

He’s truly my brother and just know music will be created.


THEN, during that meeting we flashbacked to my performing days and my friend Kimmie Gee came up which made me hit her up randomly and to my surprise she was in town.

We caught up the next day and it was so needed. For both of us. It was literally the best time ever!

I took her to one of my favorite spots and we spent like 3 to 4 hours laughing and talking. We inspired each other from reminiscing to our future goals. It was so needed and so good to see my friend. It was the right time at the right moment.

(Kimmie and I have been friends since 5th grade and she was my first choreographer)


Finally, this weekend I directed my bestie, A-natural’s, well… you guys will be surprised at that. Lol!

But that burst of creativity to finish off my week was inspiring.


I’m truly loving the art director side of myself. I enjoy developing and finding ways to brand and create for others.


Which leads me to the excitement for what’s to come for myself.   


I feel renewed. Life is fucking GRAND!!!