May 15, 2017

Sometimes, life reminds you, randomly, that your walking in your purpose. That you're on the right track. That there's nothing to worry about, you're good. Just stop and listen.


This past Thursday I was interviewed by "Making Me Matter Radio," as some of you know because you tuned in. *Thank you so much for that!*


I can't even begin to tell you how nervous I was about doing the show. I usually stay nervous before most things I do, to be brutally honest. 


This show was going to be different though. I wasn't sure how but I knew. Once Tiffany, the host, began to talk I could feel her warm, happy energy and I knew all would be cool, but this show would be unique. Unique in a good way.


Before you knew, Tiffany was explaining to me how NEW TESTAMENT: MOUNTAIN HIGH was an incredible project and how she loved the titled track. Her explaining the feeling it gave her, gave me goose bumps. She went on to explain how the project was so good in her opinion.


As the interview progressed, she asked me to sing. Me being as prepared as possible, I had a performance track handy and began to sing. 


Afterwards, the callers and comments all being expressed, touched my soul. I mean, TOUCHED MY SOUL!

The things people were feeling from the music, my voice, the writing, everything just blew me away. For a moment I wanted to cry, because the whole moment was filling me up.


This brings me to the point of this post.

That night brought me back to clarity. The words from everyone listening moved me wholeheartedly. It reminded me of my mission statement when creating NEW TESTAMENT. I even wrote it out and hung it on my tack board to always remind me. 



“I’m here to inspire, encourage, up lift

Help show people the wonders of life!”

  • Mountain High


There was a direction I started out with when creating the entire trilogy project. Somehow, I moved away from that with WARRIOR.

I’ve recorded so many songs already. The music was telling me a story that I couldn’t hear but thanks to everyone that night, it’s so clear now.

I see it but more importantly, I CAN FEEL IT!!! That feeling I was missing until now. Now, it gets exciting!




And there’s no GREATER feeling!








Song: Sideline - NIIA ft Jazmine Sullivan

Album: N/A

Book/Comic: Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet – Book 2

Netflix: Dear White People

TV Show: American Gods

Vegan Meal: Asparagus



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