Hojn 3:23 am

The rain comes down aggressively as I sit on the couch and take in it's purging. Although the open window grants it beauty in sound, no breeze follows it. Nevertheless the sonic pleasure soothes the savage beast inside. Lulls my muscles to relax, slows my spinning mind and lifts my heavy heart. Somehow, I get an overwhelming feeling of God hearing every prayer and catching every tear.

Is this a response? A sign that change rides the now gusty winds as each rain drop hits the ground.

In this moment, I pray that wind carry across America touching every heart and mind. Encouraging, embracing and loving every tired black soul. That that change take root in the people of power and provoke neglect to their choice to ignore and lay abandon their blind eye. That this country admit its wrongs so the cleansing of that truth can make it right. That the grip of supremecy would find it's self null and void in the beliefs of the ones that carry it as a badge of honor. This desire to mistreat, because of skin color, be buried and it's ghost sent to hell. Amen.

I sit on this couch afraid to hope, yet trying my damnest to not lose faith because tomorrow I may never see the steps to this change manifest for my little sister and souls her age that take over this planet when I'm gone.

What a mess we are still fighting.

Why must we still explain our hurts and our struggle when we know you would never trade places with us to see it from our side. That, in its self, being prime example of the injustice you see but would rather ignore. Can't look like an allie, what would the country club say?

All lives matter because you're afraid to say black lives matter at the PTO meeting in fear your children lose an opportunity at their desired school of choice. Black is taboo and doesn't hold status. I mean why talk about change for the help when its so much easier and beneficial to tell them what to do for you. Massa needs this today...

Thunder rolls now is this confirmation? It shakes the house, everything in me, alert.

God are you angry? Please tell me you'll change this. God they speak your name but won't stand by your ways. I'm tired of surviving here. I want to know what its like to live. Rain down God, Reign DOWN!

The rain calms. There's no more ground left. The rain now gathers in itself as puddles with every drop to the surface below.

Wash it away God. May tomorrow be a new day.

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