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After years of catering to the expectations of an unforgiving music industry, Lenny Harold is charting his own course of self-expression, elevated confidence, and overdue freedom on his upcoming album WARRIOR.


WARRIOR is a concept album envisioned in the mind of singer, songwriter, and creative director Lenny Harold. Under his Drink Up the Music, Inc. imprint, Lenny has partnered with his longtime collaborator A-natural of Natural City Music; the pair spent a year building an epic musical landscape that continues the path Lenny embarked upon with his 2016 EP release New Testament: Mountain High, the first part of a trilogy of releases chronicling a quest of the heart set to music.


Along for this ambitious ride is another of Lenny’s musical contributors, 3-time Grammy nominated producer Armando Colon whose sound has been a staple in the Lenny Harold catalogue. Adding new flares to the sound are NYC DJ and producer Dusty Fingerz, as well as New Jersey MC, DJ, and producer The IZM. The album also features guest appearances from guitarists Jules Drucker and Richie Nobrega, Jr.


While the music of WARRIOR is grand, the story within the album is Lenny at his most vulnerable. He speaks to his wild ride in the music industry on songs like “My Shit” and “Dream Collector”, admits to his own frailties with “Check on Me” and “Responsible”, and exposes the personal truths about his love life and his sexuality on “Secret” and “What I Want”. As Lenny puts it, “This is the LH who couldn’t speak.”


Journey into the album today, available on your favorite streaming platform, enjoy.

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