“My art is my superpower, it’s my way to save the world one song at a time.” Words, the New Jersey native, Lenny Harold, lives by and expresses with every ounce of his creative.


Being signed twice and it resulting in an undesired end, finding his strength to keep going and fight through personal hardships, Lenny is nothing short of the superhero he proclaims to be. But the wind changed when he joined the reformatted R&B group, Blackstreet, led by New Jack Swing creator, Teddy Riley. Those five years amongst greats graced him the opportunity to harness that power. This experience opened Lenny’s eyes to “tour life” and gave him legendary training to detail his own artistry. Always giving that old school showmanship that is timeless entertainment. That showmanship is what has kept Lenny on the radar of many music lovers. From his winning tenure on Showtime at The Apollo [under old moniker Chanj] to his ovation grabbing tributes to Patti Labelle and Berry Gordy in the years following. Lenny’s striking tenor range, tone, and smooth vibrato has even turned many of today’s industry heavyweights into mere fans from the likes of Marsha Ambrosius to Jamie Foxx.


But enough of the sales pitch, Lenny is a visionary. One who understands that with a great gift, comes great responsibility. “My music is a tool to soundtrack people lives, as well as, heal them when necessary. Truth must be embodied all through the music to touch people in a magical way. The power to influence someone’s life should always be done with good intentions,” avails Lenny.


Let’s start at Lenny’s first official offering. Released in 2011, “The Journal of Wonders: Tale of The Phoenix in The Moon Labyrinth,” was a freedom cry from an industry that was trying to define who he was. He approached this project with unbridled creativity in response to the boxes he felt he was being placed in. This led to the 2013 EP release entitled, “Yesterday Morning.” Where Lenny takes the fan favorite song, “Waiting on Yesterday" from “The Journal of Wonders,” to detail its full story. In which Lenny depicts owning a romantic mistake, with beautiful audio imagery. Here is where Lenny begins to show the potential of his mark on music.

Two years later, while with Blackstreet, he would begin a new journey of self-creation, with the 2016 EP release entitled, “New Testament: Mountain High.” The first of a trilogy of projects to come. This musical sharing would solidify a clearer picture of his artistry and provide witness to his power, his voice, and a journey of understanding what we all crave, love. That “love," would then be the core of his art. Providing the driving force of his creativity.


As with most artists, a chance at personal success is always looming. Needing his own voice to be heard without justification, Lenny felt the need to leave the group, after five years, to explore his solo career with a new focus.


“Understanding you can fly means taking the leap,” proclaims Lenny, “there’s nothing scarier yet satisfying then spreading your wings.”

With his latest singles, “More” (which became an instant fan favorite), “Heat” reaching number 7 on the UK Soul Charts, and “Blow Your Mind” currently playing on radio, the release of his 2018 album, “COSMIC,” has excited the hearts of his ‘Wonders’ [the name he gave his fans] and still introducing him to more hearts. This magic led to him opening for Musiq Soulchild, Case and Jon B. As well as, a placement on WBLS: Circle of Sisters’ main stage, performing an incredible set for Philly’s, “Jazz on The Ave Festival”, opening for Avery Wilson, and an Independent Music Award Nomination.


“Cosmic, isn’t just an album. It is a love song to R&B lovers everywhere. To remind them of what ignites them, what filled their hearts in a special way and what will always hit different no matter where music goes. You’re taking a trip through my lens, and my hope is, you enjoy seeing through them and want to design a pair of your own.” - Lenny


The Album COSMIC is available on all digital platforms.